About Doctor Grow, LLC

Doctor Grow, LLC is a Colorado corporation dedicated to helping people grow medical marijuana, organic vegetables & fruits, and bonsai trees. To meet these goals, we offer our books, teach classes, and maintain several online resources, including DrGrow.com, MarijuanaBooks.com, AskDrGrow.com and MarijuanaGrowSchool.com.


We began writing books in 2010.  When we were ready to publish in March of 2011,  we founded the company by registering the corporation with the state and federal government.  So far, we have published six books related to growing and harvesting marijuana.  You can see all of our books at MarijuanaBooks.com.  We have several other books in the works and expect at least two to be published in 2014.


In addition to our books, we are developing several other products for the growing cannabis market.  We have developed a rooting bucket for cloning plants.  We are also developing a small grow cabinet for starting seeds and seedlings.  In the not-too-distant future, you will hear about our custom designed furniture for harvesting and trimming, including a portable harvesting workstation.


We will soon be posting videos related to organic gardening, growing fruits and vegetables, and growing marijuana on our YouTube channel, “AskDrGrow.”  We are also in the process developing an Internet radio show called “Ask Dr. Grow.” We hope we will be able to take live calls on the show in the future. We will also be able to answer emails on the radio show.


You can check our News page for information on the radio show as it develops, and the other exciting news about our company.


If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say “Hi,” please contact us using the contact form.

Justin Griswell

Victoria Young Maciulski

Who We Are...

Doctor Grow, LLC is a closely held corporation, having  two owners who are also the founders.


To the left you see the photos of our  principals:


Justin Griswell


Victoria Young Maciulski


Point your cursor to each of their photos to see more info about that corporate officer.


They have a wide range of experience, education and skills.  Both of our principals bring dedication, creativity and optimism to our company and all of its activities.  They are dedicated to providing training, books and products to help people grow their food, flowers, bonsai trees and marijuana.


They teach methods that are Safer – Cheaper – Better than other common methods.