We Believe . . .

Here at Doctor Grow, we believe everyone should have access to growing their own food, flowers, and marijuana.  It will be less expensive than buying in the stores, and you can choose to grow what you want, rather than settling for what someone else has grown.


There are many advantages to growing your own.  If you start with good, organic non-GMO seeds, you will know that you are growing REAL food, not "Franken Food."  You can decide what chemicals (or not) you will be adding to your crops.


With the effects of climate change being felt in California and the Midwest, the extreme weather and drought is reducing crop yields and driving prices up.  As the climate continues to change, shortages are a real possibility.  If that comes to pass, food prices will continue to climb higher and higher. One sure solution to this is to be able to grow your own food.  With the right equipment, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits indoors, all year around.


To that end, we are busy engineering and designing indoor grow kits to allow people to grow their own food, flowers and marijuana (where it is allowed by state law) indoors.


Our Interview on Reefer Radio


Sirius XM's Reefer Radio was at the History-Making Denver County Fair Pot Pavilion, covering the activities.  They interviewed Justin Griswell and Victoria Young Maciulski, the founders of Doctor Grow, LLC. Listen to our interview below.

Dr. Grow Wins Blue Ribbon

for Best Marijuana Plant

At the Denver County Fair last weekend (August 1-3, 2014), we won the blue ribbon for the best marijuana plant!


The Denver County Fair this year made history by having a Pot Pavilion dedicated to marijuana and related items at the fair. They also had a Marijuana Growing Contest.


Justin Griswell, one of our founders, entered a plant in the contest.  His plant took first place, a blue ribbon for the best marijuana plant!  He is shown holding the Blue Ribbon next to photos of the  plant.  The strain is K-1, a cross between Durban Poison and Sour Kush.


Doctor Grow, LLC made history by winning the First Ever Marijuana Growing Competition at a state or county fair in the world.  We are all very excited, because this is validation that our unique methods truly produce superior cannabis!  The growing methods we teach are different from the traditional methods that have been taught for many years.   Our methods don't use the very hot bulbs that other people recommend.   Therefore, there is less risk of fire.   And the cost to grow using our methods is far less than the cost associated with "traditional" methods.   That's why our motto is:

"Safer – Cheaper – Better."